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Placing risk with Lloyd’s Brussels

How to place a risk with Lloyd’s Brussels

Lloyd’s Brussels can accept risks and issue policies via the following entities:

Lloyd’s Brussels registered brokers

Registered brokers bring risks to the underwriters in the Lloyd’s market on behalf of clients, using their specialist knowledge to locate the best underwriters and negotiate competitive terms and conditions. Find a list of Lloyd’s Brussels registered brokers here or use the Lloyd’s Market Directory to find an alphabetical listing of the organisations that operate within the Lloyd’s market.

Lloyd’s Brussels Service Companies

Lloyd’s Brussels has a network of service companies across Europe, providing specialist underwriting expertise to their local markets. Contact your nearest European branch to find a service company in your country or use the Lloyd’s Market Directory to find specific organisations that are licensed to write non-life risks across the European Economic Area.

Lloyd’s Brussels Coverholders

There are additional underwriting agencies (known as coverholders) across Europe issuing policies on behalf of Lloyd’s Brussels direct to brokers and clients. Contact your nearest Lloyd’s European branch to find a coverholder in your country or find further details through the Lloyd’s Market Directory.

Strong financial protection across Europe

Our policies are backed by the same excellent financial ratings as Lloyd’s, so you can be sure placing risks with Lloyd’s Brussels is safe and secure.

A+Standard & Poor (Strong)

AA- Fitch Ratings (Very Strong)

A.M. Best (Excellent)


A strong Chain of Security

Lloyd’s Brussels also benefits from Lloyd’s central resources, including the Lloyd’s Central Fund. As all Lloyd’s Brussels policies are 100% reinsured back to Lloyd’s syndicates, they are ultimately backed by Lloyd’s unique capital structure, often referred to as the Chain of Security.

Both insurance and reinsurance policies placed with Lloyds Brussels benefit from the stability of the Lloyd’s Chain of Security. In addition, Lloyd’s Brussels holds its own Solvency II capital for further protection.

Link one: Syndicate level assets
59 billion

Link two: Members’ funds at Lloyd’s
€29 billion

Link three: Central assets
€4 billion

2018 Annual Report, published March 2019 –


Lloyd's Brussels financial security

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Lloyd’s Brussels does not write US risk. For insurance premium, including US premium, paid to Lloyd’s syndicates, the single Lloyd’s market W-8 IMY will be sufficient for FATCA purposes. Further detail is available on the Lloyd’s FATCA pages.

> Lloyd’s Brussels W-8 BEN